...real and raw. Crosby manages to create an impressive and full live sound without relying on backing tracks or loop pedals.”

Over 1400 Performances

More than 200 rooms & stages across canada

In 2013, a labour strike was the catalyst that pushed Ben to pursue a life doing what he loves.  An elevator mechanic for a decade in Toronto, a two month work stoppage was the bridge he needed to make the jump to full time musician. While on the picket lines Ben started booking acoustic pub gigs around his hometown to make up for wages lost during the strike.  After two months the strike was over and according to Ben, "I was busy! Busy enough to think...hmm maybe I can keep running with this."

Since then he's become a seasoned performer and veritable "one man band", with over 200 songs committed to memory; singing while playing guitar, percussion, and anything else within reach while averaging 220+ gigs a year.

His set lists are tailored to the specific tastes of the client, but his go-to set lists tend to draw from 90s-modern rock and top 40 hits.

When he's not working as an entertainer, Ben is also an accomplished songwriter, recording artist and touring act, having released a self titled EP in 2014 and touring across Canada in 2014, 2015 and 2017.  Ben's latest original project is the folk trio Bends & Crossings.

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