...real and raw. Crosby manages to create an impressive and full live sound without relying on backing tracks or loop pedals.”

Over 1400 Performances

More than 150 rooms & stages across canada

A labour strike was the catalyst that pushed Ben to really pursue a life doing what he loves, playing music.  As an elevator mechanic in Toronto, a two month work stoppage in 2013 gave him the push he needed to transition from hobbyist to full-time professional musician.  While on the picket lines in, Ben began using his cell phone to book himself into local pubs as an acoustic entertainer.  At first it was just around his hometown of Richmond Hill Ontario, but soon he was performing all around the Greater Toronto Area.  While the strike ended after two months, Ben never ended up returning to work as an elevator mechanic.  According to Ben, "I was busy! Busy enough to think...hmm maybe I can keep running with this."

Since then Ben has become a seasoned performer and veritable "one man band", singing while playing guitar, percussion, and anything else within reach.  He boasts an impressive 130 + songs committed to memory while averaging over 200 gigs a year.  His cover song sets often change from show to show, but tend towards to 90s-modern day rock and top 40 hits.

When he's not working as an entertainer, Ben is also an accomplished songwriter, recording artist and touring act.  His 2014 self released EP "Shed Our Skin" was produced by 3 time Grammy Award winner Chris Birkett.  His latest record "The Pandemic Sessions" is a collection of songs recorded in various sessions during the Covid19 lockdown.  Release date is Sept 29 2020.

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